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Borough Council

Sellersville Borough Borough Council is composed of seven elected members and has vested with it all the legislative powers of our Borough. All legislative and policy decisions concerning our community are made during the monthly public meetings.

The term of office for council members are four years and there is no limit to the number of years a person may serve. Every two years, on even years, Council selects a President, Vice President and President Pro-Tem to serve as their executive officers.

The Mayor holds the highest elective office of our Borough. The Mayor's duties are numerous and include responsibility for the general health, welfare and safety or our community.

Sellersville Borough Council

Council Members

Lois A. Dodson, President
Email: ldodson@sellersvilleboro.org

James G. Hull, Vice President
Email: jhull@sellersvilleboro.org

Donald E. Crouthamel, President Pro Tem
Email: dcrouthamel@sellersvilleboro.org

Kathleen J. Hallman
Email: khallman@sellersvilleboro.org

Marie G. Howells
Email: mhowells@sellersvilleboro.org

David A. O'Donnell
Email: dodonnell@sellersvilleboro.org

Lynne A. Saylor
Email: lsaylor@sellersvilleboro.org

Thomas C. Hufnagle, Mayor
Email: thufnagle@sellersvilleboro.org

Cheryl Zischang
Email: utilities@sellersvilleboro.org

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